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The Social Capital Builder Training Academy

Join This Unique Community of Youth Development Specialists, Credible Messengers, Employment Readiness Instructors, and Managers for a Powerful Three Day Academy.

Sept. 6 - Sept. 8, 2023. 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Maryland Innovation Center, Columbia, MD

What They’re Saying

Across the U.S., managers rave about the impact of Social Capital Builders

Collaboration, on an individual and organizational level, is key to effective violence prevention efforts. Social Capital Builders teaches us it is more than an MOU. It’s about building relationships built on trust, respect, compassion for the work, and reciprocity between all stakeholders in the community to address this public health issue.
Lynn Lewis
Director of 414 Life at the Medical College of Wisconsin, states.
We are excited to work with Social Capital to ensure that our young people have an opportunity to build two of the most important assets: social and financial capital. We want to give youth the tools to build social capital with construction and building maintenance industry professionals so that we can help them leverage good-paying jobs. We pride ourselves on teaching social capital to the young people who need it the most. There is a calling and a necessity to ensure that those who are the lowest connected obtain the resources to be connected.
Robert Taylor
Youth Action YouthBuild.
Social Capital is essential for small business success. We are excited to have Social Capital Builders train entrepreneurs here at the Maryland Innovation Center in this necessary and much-needed skillset.
Chuck Buebeck
Executive Director, Maryland Innovation Center.

Purchase a Group License to the #1 Social Capital Training Course: Social Capital for Workforce Success (SCWS).

Social Capital Building Skills for Success in Jobs and Careers.

This online, self-paced, virtual 4-hour course is specifically designed to equip job seekers (ages 16-65) with the knowledge and skill sets to build careers and access quality employment through the power of a social capital framework. SCWS is built to engage individuals at their own pace through engaging videos, stories, and exercises in a convenient, engaging, easy-to-learn format. Participants can “attend” the course 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and start and stop whenever they want, go back to review a point or take the course many times over under your organizational license. SCWS can be made available to any number of people — all at their own unique style and speed.

Participants will:

Certification Available.

In-Person Training and Technical Assistance to Raise Your Organizations’ Level of Social Captial Awareness and Competence


SCB offers affordable onsite solutions for organizations, businesses, and students. We leverage decades of experience to create dynamic and engaging training that your organization will treasure for years to come.

Coaching and Support

At SCB, we enhance training with ongoing coaching and support.


SCB’s fast–paced, 60–minute webinars are a great way to introduce your team to the powers of social capital, glean ideas on how to use it in your organization, and improve client customer outcomes.
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Social Capital Builders in the Press
Building Professional Social Capital for Black Learners and Workers
Why Professional Social Capital?

Professional social capital—the resources that arise from the web of relationships we build with those around us and that contribute to our professional goals

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Social Capital Builders in the Press
How Schools Can Teach Students to Network (Even When Students Don’t Think They Have One)

Many schools have used federal funding to hire or assign staff or volunteers to build one-on-one relationships with students.

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Social Capital Builders in the Press
What Schools Miss When They’re Missing
Relationship Data

Relationships matter — a lot — but schools lack the data and tools to understand them.

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Opportunity Hub – MyOH™ is the first platform designed to help individuals build social capital with key industry stakeholders and supportive adults who can be a source of labor market information and career development support.

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