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Unlock the Power of Social Capital for Your
Students and Jobseekers

Economic Mobility
with Proven Strategies

Research from Harvard University’s Opportunity Insights project illustrates that social capital is a critical driver for economic mobility and long-term career success.
Credential and skills are essential, yet the defining factor for job seekers often lies in social capital. How can your organization help in this area? The Social Capital Smart Program (SCSP) steps in here, specially tailored for workforce development. SCSP equips staff with the tools, training, and support necessary to assist job seekers in establishing and maintaining valuable social capital with industry stakeholders. This program goes beyond mere connection-building; it’s about creating equitable opportunities and enhancing economic mobility for participants.

What You Will Receive as a SCSP Member:

you will gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources and benef_its designed to enhance your social capital skills and program ef_fectiveness:

A Low Cost Investment to Improve Program Performance and Outcomes

3, 6 and 12 month memberships available.

Invest in the Social Capital Smart Program today and lay the foundation for equitable and successful career pathways for those you serve.

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