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Who We Are

Social Capital Builders, Inc. (SCB) is a Black-owned and operated social enterprise whose mission is to raise the social capital literacy and connections of 1 million youth and adults by 2025. SCB is focused on using the power of social capital literacy, analysis, and development to advance the lifelong economic and social well-being of youth and families. Social Capital Builders is dedicated to serving all communities, especially those that have been severely impacted by racism, systemic inequities, and years of under and misrepresentation.

Why Social Capital Builders?

Social capital is one of the greatest predictors of labor market success. A growing body of research points to the pivotal role social capital plays in helping low-income populations connect to and excel in the world of work. Yet despite the best efforts of workforce development agencies and educational systems, “low-connected” individuals are failing to secure gainful employment equal to their investments in education and job training. Research is questioning the impact of programs focused mainly on increasing skills and credentials without helping them develop the social connections that could help put these achievements to work. Social capital building creates the conditions necessary for an individual’s investment in developing skills and a mature work ethic. It spurs their motivation to invest in education, skills training, and credentialing by showing them that they have direct connections to relevant industry professionals who can assist them in putting their newfound achievements to work. Furthermore, it helps industry stakeholders build the cross-cultural connections that stand in the way of many of their DEI initiatives.
When policies fail to address bias, discrimination, and racism, individuals need opportunities to be represented beyond news reports. Without such opportunities, many individuals face extreme hardship in overcoming the systemic barriers that impede their economic life chances. Absent structured social capital-building efforts between individuals and potential employers, negative stereotypes of both are validated, creating a negative feedback loop: the employer disregards minority and low-income populations as unfit for work, and mistrust of the employer prevents many capable individuals from applying.

How We Work

Social Capital Builders (SCB) works with various organizational partners to bring its unique brand of experiential, asset-based social capital literacy, analysis, and development services to improve outcomes for adult job seekers, students, entrepreneurs, and returning citizens. SCB provides intensive and engaging practicum-based training to organizations seeking to integrate a social capital framework into their current program design. A social capital framework recognizes that connections are a key determinant of financial and social wellness. In such a framework, organizations create policies, principles, and practices that help individuals and groups identify these connections and support them in engaging and maintaining structured, measurable, and meaningful connections to a wide range of social capital assets, both within and outside of their community.


Our program partners receive intensive training and support from highly trained Social Capital Builders – SCB staff who work directly with them in understanding and delivering the social capital model.

Social Capital Literacy

Through the SCB social capital literacy curriculum students, families and staff develop an understanding of the value of social capital and the ability to audit, access, build, maintain, manage, grow and effectively use various social capital building skills, tools, and strategies to improve lifelong financial and social well-being.

Social Capital Analysis

SCB teaches students and staff how to map opportunity networks and identify patterns of relationships and flows with people, groups, and organizations that can influence an individual’s economic life outcomes. The goal is to assist youth in developing “Opportunity Connection Plans” with qualified familial, developmental, and gateway social capital assets within and outside of their communities.

Social Capital Development

Through the Opportunity Connection Plans (OCPs), participants engage in the social capital building process with select assets over a period of time no less than six months using several pre-established methods, including the SCB Virtual Social Capital Hub Platform.

Our Goals


Founder and CEO

​DeJesus is a leading expert on social capital in the United States. For more than 30 years, he has mixed his love for policy, research, and practice by conducting research on effective programs that improve the economic mobility of low-income youth and adults. He has been a consultant to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the U.S. Dept. of Labor, the Office of Job Corps, YouthBuild USA, the National Guard Challenge Program, the National Education Association, and the AARP. 


Director – Violence Prevention and Juvenile Justice Programs
Charles is a seasoned mentoring program director. For the past 15 years, Charles has managed large-scale mentoring programs for youth and adults. Charles combines his expertise as a former MST therapist and program manager to provide organizations with the training and support to increase client and community impact. For the past decade, Charles has specialized in building Credible Messenger mentoring initiatives for various youth justice systems and nonprofit organizations.

Stephanie Simpson

Program Assistant

Meet Stephanie Simpson, the dynamic Program Assistant at SCB. Stephanie embarked on her journey with us two years ago, initially making her mark as an enthusiastic Cash Club leader. In her current role, she plays a pivotal part in facilitating the smooth operation of SCB’s diverse programs. Notably, Stephanie is a certified Social Capital Builder trainer and has been instrumental in leading our summer Social Capital courses, designed to empower high school and college students. Currently, she is furthering her expertise in the field as a business major at Howard Community College.

Cleveland Smith

Director – Entrepreneur and Economic Development Programs.
Cleveland is a former corporate executive who now leads SCB’s efforts to improve to social capital literacy of adult entrepreneurs and the effectiveness of economic development efforts targeting these individuals and similar groups.

Demetria Williams

Director Adult Virtual Courses
Demetria is an experienced Training Manager / Instructional Designer with years of creating training materials for various adult learners. Her expertise centers on developing materials for Instructor-Led, Web-Based, and Modularized On-the-Job Training. Demetria has her Masters in Public health from Baylor University.

Davone Freeman

Program Manager

Davone Freeman is the Media and Program Manager at SCB, a role in which he expertly handles a diverse range of media responsibilities. From orchestrating online course materials to capturing live events and managing dynamic social media content, Davone’s expertise is pivotal in enhancing SCB’s digital presence. His responsibilities also extend to managing key programs such as the Cash Club, Social Capital Smart courses, and various justice initiatives, showcasing his versatility and commitment to SCB’s mission. As an SCES Specialist, Davone brings a multifaceted skill set as a Videographer and Editor. With over 10 years of experience in writing, editing, and researching a broad range of content, his ability to craft compelling narratives is unparalleled. Davone’s multifaceted expertise makes him an invaluable asset to the SCB team.


Chief Technology Officer
Adam Douglass is an experienced leader in software and technology, having spent the past 18 years working with small technology companies and startups on their product As the former Senior Vice President of SOCIAL SOLUTIONS, Adam led a team of 4 software engineers creating add-ons and integrating ETO Software (a case management system for human service work) with government systems and databases. Adam formed new business unit charged with software integrations/implementations for large enterprises and public sector clients.


Director of Research and Evaluation
Sara Kingsley is a Ph.D. Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. ​She is an expert in designing methods to investigate social media platforms and online labor markets for unlawful and discriminatory practices, having researched Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube. Along these lines, her dissertation work focuses on studying how the design of algorithms and digital platforms impacts how marginalized groups and low-income job seekers find economic opportunities.


Director of Instruction
Kim Dohner is SCB’s Director of Instruction and Research. She has a Teaching Credential and a Masters in Anthropology from California State University, Long Beach. A first-generation college student trained in cross-cultural communication, restorative justice, and mixed methodology research, Kim brings valuable skills and perspective to the work of social capital development for disconnected youth. ​Kim served for 3 years as a Master Teacher, where she trained new teachers and created district-wide literacy and study skills curricula. She has developed and led numerous teacher and facilitator training workshops.


Product Manager
Nathan manages all SCB tech assets, including MyOH and KYN. Nathan has over 15 years of experience in the private sector, specializing in marketing, financing, and data analytics. As a Virginia Tech graduate, Nathan brings his passion for all things data to SCB. Nathan engages organizations in a detailed impact analysis of our solutions on performance, outcomes, and effectiveness. Nathan is in the process of working on an exciting new project scheduled to roll out of SCB in March of 2023. The first social capital DEI technical assistance initiative targeting corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions.