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Across the U.S., managers rave about the impact of Social Capital Builders

Collaboration, on an individual and organizational level, is key to effective violence prevention efforts. Social Capital Builders teaches us it is more than an MOU. It’s about building relationships built on trust, respect, compassion for the work, and reciprocity between all stakeholders in the community to address this public health issue.
Lynn Lewis
Director of 414 Life at the Medical College of Wisconsin, states.
We are excited to work with Social Capital to ensure that our young people have an opportunity to build two of the most important assets: social and financial capital. We want to give youth the tools to build social capital with construction and building maintenance industry professionals so that we can help them leverage good-paying jobs. We pride ourselves on teaching social capital to the young people who need it the most. There is a calling and a necessity to ensure that those who are the lowest connected obtain the resources to be connected.
Robert Taylor
Youth Action YouthBuild.
Social Capital is essential for small business success. We are excited to have Social Capital Builders train entrepreneurs here at the Maryland Innovation Center in this necessary and much-needed skillset.
Chuck Buebeck
Executive Director, Maryland Innovation Center.