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Name Our Social Capital AT Coach Contest


Join the Social Capital Awakening

Win free enrollment into our Social Capital Smart – Career Builder course a $199 Value


Meet the future of social capital growth and career success – an AI platform designed to guide, empower, and transform your social capital building efforts. Like Alexa revolutionized home automation, and Siri became your go-to mobile assistant, our AI coach is here to redefine how you build, measure and maintain social capital. But there’s just one thing missing: a name that captures its essence and purpose. That’s where you come in!”

Contest Overview

We're searching for a name that is not only cool and memorable but also reflects the innovative spirit of our Social Capital AI coach. This is your chance to leave your mark on the next big thing in AI and social capital training.

How to Enter

Submit Your Name Idea. Fill out our online form with your proposed AI coach name and a brief explanation of why you chose it. Creativity counts!

Submission Deadline

[Insert deadline date here]. Make sure your ideas are in before this date to be considered.


The winner will receive free enrollment into our exclusive Social Capital Smart Career Builder Course—a $199 value! This course is designed to turbocharge your career and social capital building skills, leveraging the power of AI.

Selection Process

Initial Screening

Our team will review all submissions and select the top five names based on creativity, relevance, and originality.

Community Voting

The top five names will be put to a public vote on our website.

Winner Announcement

The name with the most votes will be crowned the winner, and its submitter will be notified via email. We will also announce the winner on our social media channels and website.

Why Participate?

By helping us name our AI coach, you’re not just shaping its identity; you’re becoming part of a community that values innovation, connection, and the transformative power of social capital. Plus, the winner gets to experience our cutting-edge Social Capital Smart – Career Builder Course for free!

Ready to make history? Submit your name idea today and help us launch the future of social capital growth. Your creativity could name the next big AI revolution. Let’s build this future together!