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Job Description

Trainer & Coach

Help educate and develop Social Capital among youth and adults as a social skills and workforce development instructor.

About Social Capital Builders

Social Capital Builders is a rapidly growing  social enterprise uniquely focused on disrupting the educational, workforce development, and DEI industry through the powers of social capital literacy and social network  analysis.  Millions of Americans are failing to receive the proper economic return on their investments in education and training due to the lack of social capital and the assistance and resources it brings.  If educational and workforce systems want to improve an economic mobility of low income job seekers and students,  they must become equally concerned with who they know as much as what they know.  

Social Capital Builders has created solutions that strategically supports individuals in building, maintaining and measuring social capital within targeted industries and with career supportive adults. We support corporate DEI stakeholders, schools, workforce systems, entrepreneurs, older workers and  justice reform agencies in implementing social capital strategies to improve equity, performance and greater staff and client satisfaction.

This Social Capital Skills Trainer position is an exciting opportunity to join the growing SCB team and support it’s mission of increasing the social capital competence and connections of one million youth and adults by the end of  2025.

We are searching for a highly insightful social skills/ workforce development instructor. The successful candidate will be tasked with delivering in person and virtual stimulating lessons, formulating supplementary learning activities, and providing individual and group coaching support to adults and young adults enrolled in SCBs programs. You will also implement students’ performance assessments and evaluation programs as well as provide technical assistance and training on two of our platforms – My Opportunity Hub (MyOH) and KYN (Know Your Network).

To ensure success as a social capital skills  trainer and coach, you should be knowledgeable about adult-centered teaching practices, experiential learning and theories of change.  Ultimately, a remarkable instructor will exercise a culturally confident, responsive approach to their instruction.

Skills Required

  • Steering highly engaging and memorable lessons.
  • Capturing, organizing and using data to help improve students’ social capital connections with individuals inside and outside of their communities.
  • Crafting supplementary learning materials.
  • Discerning and documenting students’ grasp of the allocated content.
  • Perceiving struggling students and conceptualizing intervention plans.
  • Executing remedial strategies swiftly and discreetly.

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